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Terms & Conditions

Bigger Than Race Disclaimer / Terms & Conditions of Service and Investment.

You should always do your own research and be familiar with the risks involved before investing any money

Crypto currency is a high risk investment - there is a chance you could lose 100% of your original investment

If any token/project doesn't perform well and you receive a loss, the responsibility is YOURS alone

Bigger Than Race are in no way responsible for any losses incurred as a result of any investment

Bigger Than Race only offers investment opportunities; this in no way constitutes financial advice or encouragement to invest

By participating in any investment offered by Bigger Than Race, you confirm the following:

That you must complete KYC (know your customer) before investing - we provide this as a free service through the Presail platform - this is essential in order for us to comply with anti money laundering regulations

That you are legally able to participate and do NOT reside in a country/area where participation is prohibited - this is YOUR responsibility to check BEFORE contributing

That you know the full details of the token launch, as provided

That you will invest based only on your own research

That you are familiar with and accept the risks of investing

That you have to send funds before the sale

That you have given your own wallet address in order to receive the tokens

That no investments can be refunded, once made









Terms & Conditions